Fees List

Initial Consultation:  £120 – £150

An Initial Consultation lasts up to 90 minutes and includes assessment, observation and discussion. This may include the reading of reports from other professionals, as required.

Following the initial consultation a full written report will be provided outlining the assessment results and giving recommendations for future intervention.

This fee also includes any letter, onward referrals or telephone liaison needed as a direct result of the initial consultation.

Standard Therapy Session:  £70

A Standard Therapy Session lasts up to 75 minutes. The therapy session includes up to 45 minutes of direct therapy with the child.

The remainder of the time will be spent discussing the sessions, and any previous homework or activities set, and planning further therapy sessions and homework.

Homework typically involves parents repeating activities demonstrated during the therapy sessions and are designed to support and consolidate gains made during the therapy session in order to maximise improvement between sessions.

This fee includes any time spent outside the session planning sessions and preparing materials.

Travelling Charge:  £2.00 per mile

A Travelling Charge of £2 per mile applies for mileage over and above 16 miles for a return journey (8 miles each way).

For example:

- a round trip to visit the client’s home is 15 miles: Travelling charge = nil

- a round trip to visit the client’s home is 33 miles: Travelling charge = £34 (17 x £2.00)